4-Step Lawn Program

Fertilization & Weed Control Applications

Our 4-Step Lawn Program gives you the bare essentials at the most optimal times of the growing season.

Using custom blended granular, slow-release fertilizer, pre & post-emergent crabgrass control, and liquid weed killer.

Step 1   Early Spring


The early spring application will enrich the soil, promote spring green-up and recovery from the winter season. Preventative crabgrass control is also included in this application. Broadleaf weed killer will be applied as weather and temperature allow.


Step 2   Spring


During this prime growing season, we will apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer blend. It will help promote root growth, color, vigor, and overall good health.


A blanket application of a broadleaf weed killer is also applied on this visit to rid the lawn of common weeds.


Step 3   Late Spring/Early Summer


To help prepare your lawn for the summer months we will apply a slow-release, granular fertilizer, along with surface feeding insecticide as needed.


We will also watch for weeds and any other problems that may need attention.


Note: If you requested the Grub preventative, it would be applied with this application.

Step 5   Early Fall


Our autumn fertilizer is formulated to aid in the recovery of damage that may have occurred during summer stress periods. As well as continue to feed the lawn to encourage color, vigor, and overall health.


We will continue to monitor for any problems as well as treat for weeds and insects as needed.

Service Calls


We will be glad to stop by between normal visits if you have questions or concerns about your lawn.




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