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Things to know for Late May - June

Red Thread

With our recent heavy rains, followed by hot temperatures, the conditions are ideal for Red Thread.


Red Thread:  Does not cause permanent damage. It is a fungus caused by excessive wet conditions along with warmer temps and it often has a pink or reddish color to infected areas in the early stages. A fungicide application is NOT necessary, keeping the lawn fertilized along with drier weather and steady temps, the lawn will recover on its own. 


Watering: In the spring is not normally necessary, as we typically have adequate rainfall to keep your lawn healthy. HOWEVER since higher temps have arrived, we need to keep an eye on the rainfall, as it diminishes the lawn should be watered 1-3 times a week. Water for longer periods at least 45min - 1hr in each area.


Our fertilizers will not burn your lawn even if it is not watered; they have a poly coating that inhibits it from breaking down or releasing the nutrients until it has been water activated.


Does it have to be watered in? NO


Will it help activate and give you better results if you do?  Yes

Are your Mower Blades Sharp?


Dull Mower Blade Damage:

Once we have gotten through the heavy and wet spring mowing season, you should consider having your blades sharpened again to get you through the rest of the season.


Issues caused by dull mower blades: As you can see in the photo, the grass blades on the right are what they should look like and the ones on the left are from a dull mower blade. This can cause several problems that you want to avoid.


*It gives the lawn almost a brown cast over the whole lawn and will not look as green as it should. You should be able to tell that something is wrong.


*It will lead to water loss and increased disease susceptibility.


*If the condition persists into the hot summer months your lawn will have a much more difficult time coping with heat stress and could lead to severe damage.


Just a reminder - Weed Control is a killer, not a preventer.

Weeds need to be actively growing in order to spray and kill them. We spray any and all weeds we see on every visit, aside from the first application. Your first application includes fertilizer and crabgrass preventative, as it is generally too cold for weeds to be actively growing and be able to be killed.

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