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Liquid & Core Aeration

Why Aeration is important.


  Soils in our area become very hard and compacted over time. This makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, air, and grassroots to penetrate into the soil. Compaction also contributes to the buildup of thatch. Liquid & Core Aeration are great tools to eliminate these problems.

Liquid Aeration

Core Aeration

      Is a better way to aerate your lawn. It puts less stress on existing turf, no possibility of damage to surrounding tree roots, no messy plugs left behind, and is more economical.

Aerate 100% of your lawn

     With Core aeration, you are only addressing 20-40% of the soil. Everywhere there isn't a plug, receives only a small benefit compared to where a plug was pulled. Whereas with liquid aeration 100% of your lawn benefits from the treatment.

     Liquid aeration will drive roots deeper, cracking the soil with the aid of powerful oxygen adding ingredients, providing a dynamic shift in your soil, throughout the entire lawn.

Liquid Aeration is best done once or twice per season, between

April & October.


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      Mechanical or Core Aerations still have their place. Mainly, if your lawn has a lot of thin or bare areas throughout the lawn, that need seeded. Then mechanical aeration and over-seeding may be your best choice.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration


*Relieves soil compaction.


*Increases water infiltration and retention.

*Decreases stress pressure from heat & drought.


*Stimulates new root growth & development.


*Increases oxygen levels in the soil.


*Provides better fertilizer penetration into the root zone.


*Increases air penetration into the soil which increases soil microbe activity.


*Increased microbe activity breaks down thatch.

*Overall healthier lawn from top to bottom.

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Over Seeding

Immediately following core aeration is a great time to overseed the lawn to help fill in thin or bare spots.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Since grass seed needs soil contact in order to germinate, just throwing seed on top of your lawn will not result in much, if any, new growth. Once the lawn has been aerated, the soil is loosened and the seed can work down into the holes that were just created.


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