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Added Health Program

3 Fungicide Treatments, Spring Liquid Aeration, Liquid De-thatch, and Fall Liquid Aeration.

Our Added Health Program is a great addition to our 5 or 6-Step Lawn Program 

Giving your lawn the best protection and overall health from the soil to each grass blade.

Spring Liquid Aeration (April or May)

Will be applied in this time-frame to help with soil, root, and overall plant health.

 Liquid aeration will drive roots deeper, cracking the soil with the aid of powerful oxygen adding ingredients, providing a dynamic shift in your soil, throughout the entire lawn.

3 Fungicide Treatments (May through Sept)

Gives your lawn the protection it needs to withstand and prevent injury and devastation from fungus and disease. Using a duo of liquid fungicides.

We begin applying your first treatment in late April or early-mid May. This is generally when the conditions become favorable for disease to start popping up. The following two treatments are spaced 45-55 days apart from the initial treatment. This will give your lawn the protection it needs throughout the entire disease season.

Liquid De-Thatch (June - Aug)

Is designed to reduce thatch build-up by focusing on composting thatch faster, encouraging microbial activity at the soil surface, and increasing heat. Increased soil activity will breakdown thatch from the soil level up. Thatch is quickly reduced and the organic matter is captured as a food source for the turf.

Liquid De-Thatch is best done once per season, between June & August.

Fall Liquid Aeration (Sept or Oct)

Will be applied in this time-frame to help with recovery from the Summer as well as strengthening the soil and roots.

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Prevent Disease

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Healthier Roots, Soil, and Blades

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